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Child Custody


It is imperative that your child be in a safe healthy environment at all times. Going through divorce and child custody both parents are seeking the best for there child, however in some instances one of the parents might not be providing a safe environment for that child. If you are suspecting your child is being neglected then you may only have the resource of a private investigator to obtain the evidence you need.

“Be cautious of any private investigator who tells a client they guarantee evidence in a custody case. It is one of the most difficult type of cases to investigate. It is also one of the most serious.” James Gilchrist, owner.

With substantial evidence a parent can request for a change of custody. However, surveillance is usually conducted for more than a month before any evidence is brought to an attorney. Custody cases are usually done during the weekend or whenever that parent has visitation. It does not matter as much when the child is not in direct care of another parent.

Example: Surveillance conducted during a weekend when the parent is caring for a child. The parent decides to leave the child with an unknown babysitter and at which time that parent takes UBER or a taxi out and gets so intoxicated that when they return it is questionable on how much care that person can provide after being really intoxicated. Maybe, the parent returns with an unknown person and has them stay overnight. Is the babysitter having any company over? Does the babysitter take the child anywhere? Does the babysitter have a clean criminal history or even a valid driver license?

Lighthouse Investigative Services has been very successful in getting fathers and mothers reunited with a child after surveillance was conducted.  Here at Lighthouse Investigative Services we offer Clients struggling with a complicated child custody case a discount rate. 

If you find yourself in a situation where your child is no longer safe out of your care. The Lighthouse Investigative Services will complete and do a thorough investigation using current technologies at our disposal, video surveillance, tracking, investigating hazardous and unsafe environment, people or exposure conditions. There is nothing wrong to make sure everything is allright for the safety and well being of your child.