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Spousal Support


You may ask what is ALIMONY or SPOUSAL SUPPORT? Also be associated with “Divorce from Bed and Board”

To begin please know I am not an attorney and only explaining to everyone why you would need to hire a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR for ALIMONY case issues. In the great state of North Carolina it is common for spouses to be awarded ALIMONY or also known as (MONEY). This can be reviewed in detail with your DIVORCE ATTORNEY. However, to understand how a NC Private Investigator is needed. It is practiced in NC courts that if a spouse is found at fault for having an extra martial affair then that spouse does not receive your (MONEY) or ALIMONY. Divorce’s can be hard enough to go through and deal with. Its even more heart breaking when you have to pay the other spouse MONEY after the divorce. A NC licensed private investigator can conduct covert surveillance using GPS or other skills to locate, follow and obtain video evidence that can be used in COURT.

Here is an example: Husband/Wife known as CLIENT contacts Lighthouse Investigative Services. CLIENT informed he/she works during the week and has to travel. The Husband/Wife titled SUBJECT stays at home and does not work. The SUBJECT maintains the daily choirs at home. This is done with the expenses of the CLIENT who is out working and providing a living expense for the SUBJECT. The SUBJECT will form an expectation of living expenses provided by your income. Now, your SUBJECT tells you they want a divorce. If you call a NC PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR and can obtain evidence of an extra marital affair/marital misconduct. This could be a deciding factor for your alimony case.

A second reason why you need to hire a NC Private Investigator is because you are already DIVORCED and paying ALIMONY. It is common after divorce the two parties will be obviously living apart. Now, what if a spouse after divorce is getting paid monthly ALIMONY. If a private investigator can provide evidence that the divorced spouse is residing with another person and that person is contributing to the daily household expenses. Then the CLIENT will want to seek the advice from a Divorce Attorney on what legal action can be taken on the ALIMONY or SPOUSAL SUPPORT payment.

Surveillance on a SUBJECT in this type of case would consist of video showing the unknown person using keys to enter the residence. Grab trash from outside the residence to show addressed mail, common male and female trash contents or the frequent activity of vehicles at one residence. Also, activity to show grocery shopping or conducting outside household activity such as mowing the grass.

Must remember that its not the courts duty to investigate the situation. It is your duty to provide the suspicion’s to the courts. Why not let Lighthouse Investigation Services  provide you the services that you need during this difficult time.

Hiring a private investigator could be very awarding for your case. We gather facts that are admissible in court. You do not want to rely on a friend of a friend who said they saw something and are willing to go to court. Its almost impossible for that person to be found when court is a day away. Also, a private investigator is not subject to be influenced for either spouse. As a private investigator we want to provide the truth and facts for the court to determine.



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