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It is well known that cheating spouses is the common connection to private investigators. From the television show to the numerous books and stories told about a PI and catching a cheater.


“It is not an usual case when a client walks in the office and suspects a spouse is having an affair. It is a very emotional and upsetting time. Nobody wants to think they are or even could be a victim of a cheating spouse.”


“Every PI either in Wilmington, NC, Jacksonville, NC, Raleigh, NC or Charlotte, NC has on a website we conduct cheating spouse investigations on it somewhere.” The fact is you need answers and you needed them yesterday. Surveillance is a must and time is of the essence. A private investigator should be ready at a moments notice to catch a spouse cheating. Nobody is ever able to schedule when someone will have an affair. Its typical the other person or PARAMOUR is possibly married. Its common two people will have an affair when they both have something to lose. That makes it SAFE or whatever they call it. Yes, a Client can set the spouse up and leave with the kids for the weekend. This will possibly give the suspected cheating spouse the time and opportunity to meet and have this affair. However, its never as simple as it sounds. Surveillance is needed and GPS tracking devices are commonly used to figure out the, “I wonder who it is mystery?” I will say in all my experience if you have made the choice to seek an investigator then you are already 80% certain something is not right and just need that little extra information to figure it out. Unfortunately clients that do call my office are correct with the gut intuition.


It is never easy to tell a client that the spouse they have been married to for 5 or 10 or 20 years is having an affair. However, it is rewarding to assist them with the path of life on getting answers and facts.

As a client you will experience a wave of emotion from hate to self guilt. Asking yourself what you did wrong or if I had only been more of this type of person they would have not gone and had an affair. Let me say as I am not a counselor. It takes two people to have an affair. I will strive to find the truth and answers to all your questions if you suspect a cheating spouse. I have a long list of clients who are very satisfied as to the evidence provided in court. This evidence exists from a cheater meeting someone in the same neighborhood to meeting in a parking lot in the middle of the night.


“A professional Private Investigator has to be sneaky and creative to get evidence of two people hiding from the world. You need to seek a PI who will be willing to lay down in the woods in various types of temperatures for hours to Catch A Cheater.”

One very important note is to make sure you hide all search activity for a PI or Attorney if you are still living with your spouse and suspect a cheater lives with you. It is known that if they are cheating they also may suspect you are cheating and will possibly be going through your property to see what you are doing. Also, you must be careful to avoid any domestic violence when dealing with a suspected cheater. The new NC law prohibits private investigators the ability to put GPS on anyone with a DVPO (Domestic Violence Protective Order). Also, if you can avoid it do not move out until you have all the answers you need. I do look forward to working with you on this matter of a Cheating Spouse and getting you answers.