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Executive Protection

We offer discreet and efficient protection for those in need and are concerned with the unknown risk. Commonly called Close Protection or EP work. It is not always the business executive that needs protection. We have found at times the Victim of a Domestic Violence DVPO is in need of transport from home or an undisclosed location to either work or court. Child Protection is another area of service. It is not uncommon that child abductions are originated around a family member. We provide protection as well as pre-securing your residence before entering after returning from issuing a DVPO. It is suspected the person you are having served would retaliate within a few days of being removed from the residence. We have also provided as much for the victim of a Domestic Violence case. We will provide protection to deter any false allegations toward the Defendant in a DVPO order. It is found that if you have a witness for court that can testify where your location is when being falsely accused of violating a DVPO can be very helpful I court. Another related issue is when a relationship between just a boyfriend or girlfriend comes to an end and you want to have some security that they are not following you or harassing you. It is not uncommon that you are looking for more evidence to obtain a DVPO is another area we can assist with services. Let us know when you need to discuss any concerns. You can call our office at 910-803-1411.